Why The Bathmate Is Safer Than Regular Pumps..

The Bathmate is a hydro based penis pump and as the term suggests, uses water.

Unlike traditional air pumps, hydro pumps do not solely rely on the use of a conventional vacuum.

Hydro based penis pumps are also said to work best when used with warm water.

The warm water acts like an extra cushion on your penis, and provides added comfort while letting you gain the maximum benefits.

One of the reasons people are switching to hydro pumps from air pumps is the results.

We came across a lot of reviews which suggested that hydro pumps work better and gives you a bigger penis.

At the same time, you will also be getting harder erections that will help you perform better in bed.

The greatest benefit of them all is that the effects are permanent.

While it will certainly take time to increase the size of the penis over the long run, you will be able to reach your goals if you maintain a proper routine.

Is hydro pumps safer than air pumps?

We’ve already discussed the results, but is it safer?

The quick answer to that would be YES.

A lot of users have talked about getting purple spots and bruising after the use of air pumps.

Rest assured, hydro pumps will help you avoid such conditions. Also, air pumps are said to be painful when stretching.

Hydro pumps will also prevent such painful stretching.

Using warm water conditions the nerves on the penis and helps you achieve painless growth.

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