My experience with the Bathmate

Warning! This is my story and it’s a little long.. “F*CK! What the HELL did I do?!” Why did I tell her I was 7 inches? I’d gone and done it now. Maybe I could just send her a message and tell her I was just kidding. No because then I would look like a View Full →


To be honest it’s good an it does give you a nice pump but I don’t know if it will help you really get bigger long term.

My Bathmate Results

After using the Bathmate for the last 9 months along with jelqing I have gained around 2 inches. Here’s my before picture. And here’s my after picture. To say I’m happy with my results is a bit of an understatement! 9 months wasn’t quick but it was worth putting in the time and effort. This View Full →

Instant size booster

I was deliberating on whether I should buy the X40 standard version or the Bathmate Xtreme X40 version. I decided to get the Xtreme because I thought the hand-pump looked cool plus the package comes with a bunch of accessories. All I can say is that after using this pump for 2 weeks I believe View Full →

Added over an inch in length!

After my Hercules pump broke I decided to upgrade to the Bathmate Xtreme X30 which comes with a hand squeezer pump and omg this is the best pump I’ve ever tried. It’s so much more comfortable and when you try the hand pump you’ll wonder how you ever used to get on without it. It View Full →

Amazing pump

I used my new X50 pump for the first time this morning and my d*ck looks like a horse’s right now. I’ve never seen it this big. And it doesn’t look weird either. Like when I used to use an air pump it would leave rings and my  would look all wonkey and ballooned but View Full →

Happy I bought the Bathmate X50

I have some good news and bad news! The good news: The Bathmate X50 works and I’ve gone from 7 ½ inches to 8 ¾ inches in 6 months and have added some girth too! The bad news: The wife won’t do  anymore. I’m still happy I bought it though. I would have gladly paid View Full →

I’m at 9.3 inches now!

I used to use the Goliath but that broke so now I’m using the new X50 which feels a lot stronger and better made and I think it will last for a long time. I also think I’m getting better results with this new one too as I’ve grown over half an inch with it View Full →

From 5.5 inches to a little over 8 inches

I bought the Bathmate X40 pump knowing nothing about  enlargement or if it was even possible but I’ve always been unhappy with the size of my  and as a single man I have a lot of free evenings so I decided to follow Todd’s system he shares on his site and I also bought View Full →

This pump is great

The Bathmate X40 hydro pump has been working better than I thought it would. When it was delivered I took it out of the box and my first thoughts were that it’s well made and after giving it a try my  flopped out looking huge. My gf was like “woah, why is your d*ck looking View Full →