So What Can A Penis Pump Do For You?

The way a pump works is that is sucks blood into the penis forcing it to become as large as possible.

This is done through the vacuum effect and it’s one of the only ways possible to instantly make your penis look bigger.

Most guys find that results will happen in a matter of minutes or even seconds if enough vacuum pressure is used.

Most of the time these results are temporary and won’t last longer than about 24 hours but some guys have attested that with frequest use they have been able to permanantly increase the size of their penis.

Results will of course differ from guy to guy but pumping is a proven way to at least make your dick look bigger for a while.

Just be careful not to over do it and cause an injury!

This is my Bathmate review to read.

As well as a size increase pumping can;

  • Make your erections harder.
  • Help you get erect easier.
  • Improve blood flow.
  • Increase length and girth.
  • And even help you last longer in bed.

Over all pumps are an amazing way to perform better in the bedroom!

Of all the pumps available for sale online we recommend the Bathmate available from here.

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