Bathmate X20 Review

Welcome to the Bathmate X20 review where you’ll learn everything you need to know about this pump.

Update! Don’t forget to checkout the routine for maximum gains and the new Bathmate X20 reviews here posted by real customers.

The X20 is available for sale on the official website

What is it?

The Bathmate X20 is the smallest and cheapest hydro pump in the Bathmate X-Series.

It costs $139 and it is mainly for guys whose current  size is below 4.5 inches.

With this pump you can grow up to 7.5 inches in length.

By the way I personally use the X30 pump. You can read my full Bathmate review here where I go into much more details about the Bathmate.

Warning: Skip the X20?

Now before you even consider buying the X20 you might want to think about buying the X30 instead and here’s why.

You can only use the Bathmate X20 to get to a maximum of 7.5 inches whereas with the X30 you can use it to get to 8.5 inches.

So, if you get results fast with it and reach the limit and want to grow further then you’re going to need to pay more money for the X30.

You’ll still be able to use the X30 just the same as you would the X20 but with the X30 you can grow more.

For a lot of guys it just makes more sense to skip the X20 and get the X30 instead.

Anyway, now that’s been said let me explain a bit more about how the pump works.

How The Bathmate X20 Works

The pump is very simple to use. You just fill it with warm water and insert your almost erect  into it and then pump out the excess water.

When you pump out the water it forces your  to expand inside the pump.

So how does this cause growth?

Well first of all, when you expand and stretch the  by pumping over time it causes cell division.

Cell division is when the cells within your  get stretched they then divide and multiply which causes your  to grow.

Here is a video of cell division actually happening.

The second way it works is because using the Bathmate X20 is kind of like exercise for your . All that expanding and stretching is like a workout so after you’ve finished your  then begins to repair itself and grow.

Another thing to remember is that your  is made up of a good amount of collagen which is why a lot of guys are now supplementing with type 2 collagen to grow faster.

I talked more about collagen and the supplements I use in my full review.

So that’s how the pump works.

Temporary vs Pemanent Results

If you know anything about bodybuilding then you’ll know that anyone can walk into a gym and do 100 bicep curls and get a pump that makes their biceps look much bigger.

But to really build muscle on the biceps takes time because your body adds a little bit of muscle after each workout as it repairs itself and grows.

Well the  is pretty much the same.

When you use the Bathmate X20 for the first time you’ll get the pump effect where your  looks much longer and thicker which is a great feeling!

But these results will die down after about 20-24 hours.

Still, this makes the pump great for those times when you’re going on a night out and might get lucky or the times when you know for sure you’re going to get laid.

But just like with bodybuilding to make some permanent gains it will take time.

Most guys who follow a routine like this find that they gain 1-3 inches in under 6 months.

Bathmate X20 Reviews

Here are some reviews for the X20 pump.

1 ¾ inches in just 4 months.

I bought the X-Series X20 hydro pump because being 4.4 inches when erect made me feel very insecure and I had no confidence around women or in bed.

I use the pump for around 20 minutes a day and jelq afterwards and now 2 months later I am 5.3 inches.

I’m getting there! It feels really good to have found something that works. I think my overall goal is to get to 6 inches.

Update: I just wanted to update here and let you guys know that I’ve been pumping and jelqing for 4 months now and have surpassed my goal of 6 inches as I’m at 6.2 right now. That’s like 1 ¾ inches in just 4 months.

I was expecting this pump to either be a scam and not gain anything or I thought it would take years to get these sorts of results.

It’s amazing how much more confident I feel around women too.

I just never expected to get these life changing results so fast! I love the Bathmate X20 and I think it goes great with jelqing.

I’m one happy customer!

Jon G.


I’m super impressed with how fast this pump works. I got it delivered this morning and tried it this afternoon and now my d*ck looks about twice the size as before.


I’ve grown over a quarter of an inch in 1 month!

Has anyone else here combined the Bathmate X20 pump with an extender like the Sizegenetics? I have and in one month I’ve grown over a quarter of an inch. I plan to start jelqing soon too.

Mr F.

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    The Routine

    As I said above, if you want to add some permanent inches to your  then it’s important to stick to a routine, just like you would with bodybuilding.

    Here’s the exact routine that guys are using to gain inches..

    You will need;

    The pump from

    “The routine on the GrosseTeste site is solid. I use the jelq device and the Bathmate X20 and I’m really impressed with how big I’m getting.

    I’ve gained over half an inch already and I’ve only been doing it a month.”

    I think you’ll be impressed with how fast you get results with this routine.

    Should You Buy The Bathmate X20 Or Not?

    If you’ve read my personal Bathmate review then you’ll know that I absolutely love the Bathmate pumps and I 100% recommend them.

    You will see a major size difference after just one use and if you stick to the routine then you can expect to gain inches in length and girth.

    And believe me  is so much more fun when you gain some size. It feels so good to be able to bang a girl and know that she’s feeling it.

    Just remember that if you plan on getting bigger than 7.5 inches then you may want to consider buying the X30 instead of the X20.

    And by the way, I’d recommend you avoid buying from places like eBay and Amazon and other websites because there are tons of fake pumps being sold by scammers.

    Make sure that you buy your Bathmate X20 from the official website

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    3 years ago

    This is inspirational to me Todd. I am going to follow the routine and report back in the future. With me luck!

    3 years ago
    Reply to  Sal

    How is it going Sal?

    X20 user
    X20 user
    3 years ago

    Hey Todd I just got my X20 this morning! It’s really well made and I will be following your routine too! Thanks!

    3 years ago

    Nice site Todd, are yo planning on writing more articles on how to get bigger or anything? By the way I’m getting the X20 soon!

    3 years ago

    Is there a minimum size you need to be for the Bathmate X20 pumps?

    3 years ago

    Does the Bathmate X20 come with a warranty?

    2 years ago

    What is the Jelq Device and where can I get it? I already got the hydromax 🙂

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