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Update: There are now (21) Bathmate reviews (with pictures) posted below.(Click here to see them) They say that if you use the Bathmate pump regularly you can make permanent gains with it. But can you really really? To find out if it’s just another scam or not I purchased the Bathmate. Now it’s time for a review! Before we get started. I bought mine from the official website Let’s take a look at the reviews..

Bathmate Reviews

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My Bathmate Results

After using the Bathmate for the last 9 months along with jelqing I have gained around 2 inches.

Here’s my before picture.

And here’s my after picture.

To say I’m happy with my results is a bit of an understatement!

9 months wasn’t quick but it was worth putting in the time and effort.

This stuff works!


Zapped with an enlargement ray!

This thing is ridiculously good. Every time I use it my  looks like is been zapped with an enlargement ray or something. It stays longer and thicker for a good day or so.

I use it for 20 minutes every day or sometimes every other day and I’m pretty sure I’m starting to gain some permanent results too.

I’m so happy with this thing and at just how good it works.


4.7 inches to 6.55

Right I hope I don’t go on for too long but I just want to post my Bathmate review.

First of all I have been following Todd’s system for the last 6 months and have followed all his advice.

I’ve been taking the supplements,  I’ve been pumping and jelqing and that’s it.

I’m 27 years old and have always been awkward and shy when it came to  because I wasn’t happy with my size because I found out one of my first gfs told everyone I had a small .

But after reading your review I realized that I needed to give this a try so I bought the Bathmate X30 and just followed the system exactly.

As I said above I’ve been using it for 6 months and in that time I’ve added almost 2 inches in length and some extra size in girth.

My exact measurements have gone from 4.7 inches to 6.55 inches which is just under 2 inches gained.

Can you believe that?

When you think about it it’s amazing what the body can do. Just like you can make your arms bigger with bodybuilding you can make your  bigger with jelqing and the Bathmate.

I think the best thing that it’s done for me has been to boost my confidence.

Thanks Todd for posting your system for me to follow and thanks Bathmate for making such a good product!

Guys just follow the system Todd posted and give it some time and this thing will change your life.


Gained over half an inch!

Thanks a lot Todd for posting your system because I’ve been following it and have already gained over half an inch!



I’ve tried a bunch of air pumps and a couple of water pumps. First of all the air pumps are dangerous and whenever I’d use them I’d get all kinds of bruises so water pumps are the way forward.

Of all the pumps that I’ve tried the Bathmate is by far the best and it’s the only one I’ve used that when I’ve taken it off I’ve been amazed at how good it’s worked plus I’ve had no injuries with it at all or bruising.

I also think it’s the best made one of them all. It doesn’t feel like it’s been made in China for $1 per piece.

I’ve give it 5 stars.


Reached my goal of 7 inches!!

Like a lot of others I’ve been combining the Bathmate with jelqing and I’ve been having some really good results.

This pump just works form the first time you try it. You’ll see a huge difference right away.

My goal was to get to 7 inches and as of this morning I have reached that goal.

When I started a couple of months ago I was 6.3 inches.

Right now I’m just considering whether I want to stop at 7 or go for 8.

So if you’re on the fence about buying the Bathmate all I can say is just buy it because it’ll be one of the best things you ever buy.


No complaints from GF

I bought the Bathmate and it arrived yesterday morning. I gave it a try in the shower and when my  flopped out it looked a lot bigger.

I went around my girlfriend’s house and we had  on her bed and the first thing she said when she saw was “why is your  so big?” 🙂

She wasn’t complaining though.


1.5 times bigger instantly

I don’t know if this pump gives permanent results or not because I haven’t been using it long enough but I do know that this thing makes your dick look about 1.5 times bigger after you use it and the effects last about 24 hours.


8.3 inches!

My routine is to use the pump every other day. Right now it’s the only thing that I use. I don’t jelq or use an extender so my results are purely from pumping.

I use the Bathmate Goliath by the way.

Starting length >> 7 inches
Length after 3 months >> 8.3 inches
So just from pumping I was able to gain 1.3 inches in 3 months and I gained some thickness to go with it too.

I’m 43 years old too. I think I have to stop using it now as the wife is telling me that I’m getting too big.


I’m a believer now!

You can add me to the list of guys who started off sceptical but became a believer.

I never fully trusted the reviews that I read online but now that I’ve seen what the Bathmate X40 has done for me I can honestly say guys that this pump really does work and when they say that  enlargement is a myth they’re lying. It really is possible.

My starting size was 6.8 inches which was already well above average but seeing as I’m 6 foot 5 it really didn’t look enough on me.

I followed the system I found on about 6 months ago and I even started taking some collagen pills.

6 months later and according to my tape measure I’m at 7.9 inches which means I’ve grown just over an inch.

The Bathmate was well worth the money and I’d recommend it to any guy who wants to get bigger.

Mr B.

From 4.8 to 6.6 inches

So here’s my review of the Bathmate pump. I’m 19 years old and am in college surrounded by girls but I’ve always been to shy to let loose with them. I just felt like my  was too small and it was an embarrassment because I was only 4.8 inches.

So before it was too late I made the decision to try and fix this problem as I had been reading up on p.e.

A lot of guys were talking about combining extenders with pumps and jelqing and posting about how they were gaining inches.

So, I ordered the Bathmate X20 as well as a jelq device and an extender called the SizeGenetics.

The thing that came first was the pump which I took straight to the bath to try out and I was kind of shocked when I was using it because my  looked like it was filling up the entire tube.

When I took my  out it looked longer and thicker by a lot!

Well that was all about 12 months ago and I’ve been using the X20 and the extender and have been jelqing every day and in a year I have gone from 4.8 inches erect to 6.6 inches!

So I’m not like HUGE or anything but I’m above average now and I’m no longer scared or shy to get it on with a girl.

I’m in my last year of college now and I feel tons more confident so I’m talking to more girls and going out with them more. I think it’s going to be a good year!


I’m shocked

I’ve been using the X30 and doing jelqing for the last 2 weeks and I’ve already grown a quarter of an inch. I can’t believe how good this thing works.

The first time I used it I was shocked at the size difference.

My goal is to get to 8 inches and I feel confident I can do it.


Already gained 0.4 inches!

I bought it recently to try and increase my length from 6 inches to something larger.

So far it’s working good as I’ve only been using it for 6 weeks and I’m now measuring 6.4 inches which has made a big difference believe it or not.


My experience with the Bathmate

Warning! This is my story and it’s a little long..

“F*CK! What the HELL did I do?!”

Why did I tell her I was 7 inches?

I’d gone and done it now.

Maybe I could just send her a message and tell her I was just kidding.

No because then I would look like a liar.


You see me and a group of old school friends were planning a trip to Ibiza for the summer and there was this new girl coming with us.

She was hot and blonde and she started messaging me online.

Well one thing led to another and the messages started heating up and my dumbass tells her that I was 7 inches.

And she was like “Ooh that’s BIG, I can’t wait to see.”

As soon as I hit the send button I realized what a moron I had been.

The truth is that I was barely 4.5 inches.

And now I was going to look like a fool.

Maybe I could cancel the trip..

No because I had already paid.

So I did what any self respecting man would have done..

I Googled “ enlargement”.

What I found was a bunch of obvious scams.

But then I found this one post on some forum by what looked like a real person recommending something called the Bathmate.

I was skeptical but the forum post did look real so for the next few hours I did a lot of research.

I read every single review I could find.

And to be honest I was HOOKED.

I found all kinds of pictures.

Like these..

I started to feel hopeful that I was on the right track.

I even found one guy who was sharing the system he had been using to gain almost 2 inches.

2 inches that’s all I needed.

I had always been led to believe that there was nothing you could do to change the size of your .

So I wasn’t sure what to believe.

Then out of nowhere I remembered this quote.

It’s a quote by a guy called Paul Arden and it’s a quote that has stuck with me ever since I heard it.

In fact I even have it printed out next to my computer..

You get to decide who you choose to be.

If there was a chance that the Bathmate worked then I needed to buy it because if I was ever to increase the size of my then buying the Bathmate was the decision that was going to get me there.

So I ordered the Bathmate arrived surprisingly fast.

I opened it up to find something that felt really well made.

It didn’t feel like some Chinese factory made crap.

I still had a good 4 months until the trip to Ibiza so there was still time.

Remember earlier when I said that some guy had shared his system.

Well I took that system and made it better!

(I’ll share it with you in a minute.)

I’m an impatient kind of guy so I decided to get started with the system right away.

I took the Bathmate into the bathroom and put it on.

It’s simple to use.

You just pour some warm water into it and then put your inside.

Then you just pump out the water a few times and you can really feel your expanding inside the tube.

I was excited to see what the Bathmate could do so I released the pressure and took it off.

Well I almost fell on my ass because my looked enormous.

You know what it’s like just after you and your is starting to go soft but for a little while it looks like you’ve got a big floppy d*ick?

Well that’s what it’s like after you use the Bathmate only BIGGER.

I’m not gonna lie I was there was a female around because I was feeling pretty proud of myself!

Since the day it arrived I stuck to the Bathmate system.

Failure wasn’t an option.

4 Months Later..

It was the day before the trip to Ibiza and I awoke with a HUUUUUUGE….

Smile on my face. 🙂

You know why?

Because after 4 months of following my system I had gained almost an inch!

Yep, I f*cking did it!

That’s just under 2 inches in less than 4 months.

I’m going to share my Bathmate system with you in a minute but first let me just give you a quick update on the Ibiza trip.

The blonde was SMOKING HOT and very up for it!

She was way hotter than any girl I had ever been with before.

You could definitely say that she was out of my league.

But for some reason she was into me.

We had 4 times on the trip and it was amazing.

Thanks to the Bathmate my was ENORMOUS compared to before and I started getting rock hard s.

I also realized that I was lasting a long time during as well and 3 of the 4 times I made her first because I was lasting longer.

And I also found that I was ming a lot more.

I mean at least 10 squirts which made for some of the best s I ever felt.

In short I felt like a stud and it’s all thanks to the Bathmate.

Oh yeah and since I got back from the trip I got a message from the blonde saying that she had a great time and she can’t wait for next time. 🙂

Life is starting to get a little more interesting!

Oh yeah and buy the Bathmate because it rocks!


Below are (5) reviews with a 4 Star rating.

It definitely working good

Thanks Todd. I started following your system you posted on your website and I bought myself the Bathmate X30. It recommended that I buy the X20 but I’m glad I read your review because it made more sense to buy the X20.

Anyways, your system has been working great for me man. My s are huge compared to before and even though I’m only a month in I can see a size difference already.

I’m also finding that my s feel much better like you said.

Oh yeah and I got the comfort pads which make the pump comfortable to wear.

I’ll update in the future with how it goes.


The Bathmate is the best!

I used my Bathmate Hercules last night for the first time in the show and all I can say is WOWWOWOW. When I got out of the shower my d*ck was swinging low. It was like twice the size as normal.

And when I woke up this morning I still look big.

It’s a Tuesday so I wanted to try it out to see if it works because I have a date on Saturday night.

I’ll be definitely be using this thing before I go out.

Update: So I used the pump before I went out on Saturday on the date with this 28 year old brunette who I’d say is a solid 8 and guess who got some! Yep, me.

And the first thing she said when she saw was “you have a big !”

When we were banging I noticed that I was able to bang her for longer than I normally would.

I just can’t believe how good the Bathmate works.


I’m getting bigger

A package came for me a month ago containing the new Bathmate X50 the one with the hand pump.

I had to get the hand pump which is a bit more expensive because I have arthritis in the hands.

The pump makes it easy to use and I’ve been pumping once a day in 15 minute sessions.

I just wanted to leave this review because I’m off to a good start.

When I began pumping last month I was 5.5 inches and now I’m 5.9 so it’s good to see this thing really works.


I’m happy.

My original Hercules pump had problems with the bottom pad falling off after 2 years which isn’t too bad.

I just got their new version which is called the XSeries (I got the X30) and what an improvement!

The pump feels like it’s better made, it’s easier to use and the pad at the bottom is removable and not stuck on with glue.

It also feels easier to pump and you can feel the pressure more.

I wish I’d gotten and X30 sooner but anyway I’m happy.

Perry C.

It’s good, try it.

I’ve found that since I’ve been using the Bathmate  feels a lot better for me and my girlfriend.


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To be honest it’s good an it does give you a nice pump but I don’t know if it will help you really get bigger long term.


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    Get yours from the official website

    The Bathmate System For Gaining Inches

    What I’m about to share with you is a system that will help you gain inches. The people who are posting such amazing gains are following a system like this. The truth is that you can use the Bathmate right out of the box and it’ll work for you. But if you want more than just a temporary pump and would like to really gain some permanent length and girth then follow this routine. Here it is..
    The Bathmate System
    1. Use the BM for 10-15 minutes while 75%+ erect.
    2. Then do 200+ jelqs.
    3. Then put the BM back on for another 5 minutes.
    After a month or so try and work your way up to 500 jelqs per session. I recommend doing this routine every day and taking every 4th day off.
    Don’t forget to take your supplements. I woudn’t say the supplements are necessary but I think they help. And lastly I’ve read a lot of positive reviews from guys who have combined the BM with jelqing and the SizeGenetics extender which is for sale here. The Bathmate is brilliant. You can use it before you go out on a date to make your  look bigger for the night. Or you can follow my system and it’ll take a few months but you’ll start to make permanent gains. Warning: There’s scammers around! The only place to buy the REAL Bathmate is from the official website.

    Bathmate Questions and Answers

    What is the Bathmate and how does it work? It’s basically a water based  pump designed to increase the size of your  using suction with the water being used as a cushion. Water pumps are a lot safer than air pumps. It works by using suction to expand your  inside the tube. Basically, after you put it on you pump out some of the water which forces your  to expand. This will give an immediate size increase to your  and over time will give you permanent results. Should I do a warm up? Checkout my routine above. For the first 5 minutes use the Bathmate lightly as a warm up. I think it’s good to do a light warm up like this to reduce any risk of injury. Is the Bathmate safe to use? So far I’ve had no injuries or any negative side effects. I haven’t read about anyone else injuring themselves with it either. If it starts to hurt when you’re using it then just release the pressure a little bit. Do I use it when I’m erect or soft? I find it best to use when you’re 80% erect. Not fully erect but still hard. How many inches can I gain? Using the routine I posted above you may be able to gain 1-3 inches within a year. They say that you can expect to gain between 1-3 inches. How long does it take to see results? You will see a big difference from day 1. After you use it your  will look a lot bigger than before and the effects will last between 12-24 hours. To make permanent gains you need to be patient. But it’s cool that you get to see a difference right away and it will motivate you to want to continue using it to get some permanent results. Will the results be permanent? If you just use the Bathmate every now and then your results won’t be permanent and will only last 12-24 hours but if you stick to a routine and use it often then after a while you will start to gain some permanent results. However I believe the results will be similar to bodybuilding i.e use it or you’ll eventually lose it. Which is why they recommend that after you’ve reached your goals you should continue to use it 2-3 times per week lightly to “cement” your gains. Can I use it in the shower? You can use it in the bath or the shower. Does it arrive in discreet packaging? Mine arrived in an ordinary plain brown box. Should I buy from Amazon? No! I’ve heard a lot of complaints lately from people buying theirs on Amazon and eBay because they ended up being fakes. Anybody can sell on these places so make sure that you get yours from the official website That way you’ll be sure to get the real thing. What is the difference between the Bathmate and the Hydromax? They Bathmate is the original version and the Hydromax is the new and upgraded version. The Bathmate is a bit cheaper but I paid the extra and went for the Hydromax. After doing some research I discovered that people who used the old Bathmate had problems with the pads at the bottom falling off and it wasn’t that comfortable so the makers did a redesign and called it the Hydromax. They also have a more expensive version with a hand pump which was a little out of my price range but I heard the hand nozzle makes it really easy to use. I would definitely recommend paying that little bit extra and buying the Hydromax version because it’s very comfortable to use, it’s well made and I’ve had zero problems with it. Which one should I buy? If you decide to go for the new and upgraded version of the Bathmate called the Hydromax like I recommend then use the size guide on the official website. Don’t forget that you will grow so if the size guide recommends the X20 and you are on the larger side then you may want to buy the X30 instead because you might outgrow the X20 fast. Should I just use the Bathmate alone? Before I bought mine I did a lot of research and all of the guys posting good results had one thing in common. They all used the Bathmate as part of a “system”. I posted my system above. I think it’s a solid routine so give it a try. There’s lots of places selling it where is the official website? First of all I recommend that you avoid buying from places like eBay and Amazon as I found out that there are scammers selling fakes on there. The official website to buy the Bathmate is from

    The Bathmate X Series Pros And Cons

    The Cons – The Bad Stuff

    So, I’ve racked my brains and here’s “the bad stuff” about the Bathmate. Dedication – If you’re like me and you want some permanent results then you need to dedicate yourself to sticking to a schedule. Before I bought the Bathmate showers would take me 5 minutes. I’d be in there have a quick wash and be done. So sometimes it was a bit of a hassle having to sit there for 15-20 minutes following a routine. Cleaning – If you don’t clean it often it will start to get grimey so you’ll need to make sure you give it a good scrub once a week. Red dots – I found that if I don’t do the 5 minute light warm up and if I use it with too much pressure I will get lots of these little red dots which look horrible. It takes a few days for them to go away too. I found I could avoid this by warming up and also by not using too much pressure when I’m using it. You need to shave often – Unless you shave you’ll probably find that the Bathmate tends to slip off. So you need to be totally smooth for the pump to get a good grip.

    The Pros – The Good Stuff

    It’s comfortable to wear and well made – I find it feels very snug to wear and actually feels quite good. As long as you don’t pump too hard you won’t feel any pain and also think it’s very well designed and well made. I’ve seen some other pumps in the past that felt cheap and flimsy but the Bathmate feels strong so it should last forever. Your d*ick will look bigger immediately – From the very first time you try it you will take it off and I guarantee you will be surprised at how much bigger you look. The effects will only last about 12-24 hours but it feels great to see it working so fast. Permanent increase in length and girth – After just one use you’ll be bigger but you will find that the effects only last less a day. But if you stick to a routine and use it regularly then you can actually make some real size permanent size gains. However when I say permanant I believe the effects are similar to that of bodybuilding. I.e use it or lose it. The Bathmate is pretty much like exercise for the so after you have reached your goals just like with bodybuilding you should continue to exercise to maintain your results. I read that after you’ve reached your goals you should use the Bathmate 2-3 times per week but it won’t matter if you skip a session now and again. Fair price – I believe that for what it does the price is actually very cheap. To be honest now that I know it works I would gladly pay $1,000 for it. Last longer – Because you’re doing all of this exercise you are strengthening your  and you’ll find that you have more control over when you . This means you can last longer and have more fun. Harder! – After a few months of using the Bathmate you’ll find that you start to get rock-hard s. more often – Maybe it’s psychological but since getting bigger I’ve found that I get s a lot more often. Easy to use – It’s very easy to use you don’t even really need any instructions. Safe – As long as you do a light 5 minute warm up and don’t pump too hard the Bathmate is completely safe to use. Boosts your confidence – It’s amazing how much more confidence you gain especially in the bedroom. You will really feel different and life becomes a lot more fun. Impress women – It’s one of the best feelings in the world when you get a woman in bed and she compliments the size of your . You don’t need to buy anything else – Apart from the Bathmate you don’t really need anything else apart from maybe an extender like the Sizegenetics. So those are the pros and cons of the Bathmate that I can think of. Overall I think it’s a great product and even though there are some cons they’re not that bad and you won’t be disappointed if you do decide to get yourself one.

    The Bathmate X Series Tips & Tricks

    In this section, I’m going to give you some tips and tricks to help you get better results and make sure that everything goes smoothly.
    • Measure yourself once every 2 weeks at the most. When you’re using something like the Bathmate it’s tempting to measure yourself every day after you’ve used it to see how much you’ve gained. I’d recommend only measuring yourself every 2 weeks so that way you’ll see more noticeable gains on the measuring tape.
    • Take supplements. I listed the supplements that I use in this post. Supplements will help you get results faster.
    • Stick to the routine. I posted my success system here so if you’re looking for a step by step system to get results then this is the system for you. Just follow it like your life depended on it and you’ll be amazed at how good it works.
    • Don’t skip days. When you’re following a system sometimes it’s tempting when you’ve got other stuff going on in your life to skip a day but it’s important you don’t do this. Try your best to stick to the schedule with skipping any days.
    • Keep it clean. Make sure you clean your Bathmate every few days otherwise bacteria and grime will start to grow on it. It’s easy to clean though. Here’s a video on how to give it a good clean.
    • If it hurts then you’re using too much pressure. If you find that it hurts then release the pressure a little bit.
    • Shave! The suction of the Bathmate is much more effective without hair in the way.
    • Fluid retention prevention. Sometimes the suction of the pump will cause fluid retention in the foreskin. This is caused from using the Bathmate for too long. To prevent this split up your session. For example if you’re going to use it for 20 minutes then split it up into 3 sessions of 7 minutes by taking the pump off for a minute in-between each session.
    • Don’t give up. The system that I’ve shared works and the Bathmate has worked wonders for others stick with it and you’ll get some impressive results.

    Which Bathmate Should You Buy?

    If you’ve looked on the official website you know that there are quite a few Bathmate pumps for sale. First of all there’s the original series which contain the Hercules and the Goliath.

    The Original Series

    The original series pumps are quite old now so most guys are starting to use the new Hydromax series. So here are your options for the original series; The Bathmate Hercules – Currently priced at $110 this was the first pump to come out back in 2006. This was the one that started it all. The maximum amount that you can grow with this pump is 8.5 inches. The Hercules is the equivalent of the X30 but it costs $49 less. In my opinion it’s worth paying the extra $49 and getting the X30 over the Hercules because the original Bathmate series didn’t come without their problems as this user will tell you.
    Things were going great with the Hercules and I noticed some nice size gains but after a year the pad at the bottom fell off which has made it unusable. I saw that they have some new and improved pumps called the Hydromax series so I bought the X30 and it’s a whole lot better. It seems to have more pumping power and the pad at the bottom is removeable and not glued on like the original series so it should last for years. Oh yeah and I also bought the extra comfort pads which make it super comfy to wear. I’m happy to be pumping again.
    So, although the Hercules is cheaper I would recommend paying the extra and getting a Hydromax. The Bathmate Goliath – The Goliath was also part of the original series and costs $199. Your maximum growth with this pump is 10.5 inches. The problem with the Goliath is that it also suffers from the same problem as the Hercules because the pads at the bottom are only glued on and when they come off the pump becomes almost useless. So instead of the Goliath you might want to consider paying a little extra for the X40 or even the X50 which comes out in August. So those are the original series. Next up we have the Bathmate Hydromax X-Series. These are now more popular than the original series and I own the X30. There is actually a size guide on the official website.

    The (NEW) X-Series

    Well the people behind the Bathmate realized that there were some design flaws with their product so they decided to evolve and the Hydromax X series is what they came up with. More pumping power: The plastic tube at the bottom is now more flexible and wider which give it 35% more pumping power. Removable comfort pad: On the original series the pads at the bottom used to fall off as they were just glued on but the new pumps come with a removable insert at the bottom which solves this problem. This comfort pad also makes the Bathmate easier to pump as it creates a better seal and it also makes it more comfortable to wear. A new valve: Another problem with the original series was that water would leak out of the bottom which would make it difficult to put on and sometimes it could lose pressure while you were wearing it so you had to start all over again by filling it up and trying to put it on again. But the new pumps have a redesigned valve at the top that allows you to lock it so that when you’re filling it up no water escapes and the pump holds the pressure better while you’re wearing it. These new redesign improvements make the Bathmate X-Series much more powerful, comfortable and easier to use than the old original series. Therefore I’d recommend skipping the originals and buying something like the X30 instead.
    Important note! You’ll notice that the max growth for the X20 is 7.5 inches and the max growth for the X30 is 8.5 inches so if the size guide recommends you buy the X20 and you plan to grow more than 7.5 inches then I would recommend buying the X30 instead. Because if you buy the X20 and you get to 7.5 inches you’ll need to then buy the X30 so my advice for most guys is to just skip the X20 and buy the X30 because you’ll be able to use it just the same and you’ll have more room to grow.
    Here are the new Hydromax series pumps.. The Bathmate X20 – The Bathmate X20 is the smallest of the X-Series and costs $139.99. The maximum growth with this pump is only 7.5 inches so if you plan on going more than that then as I said above you should consider skipping the X20 and going for the X30 instead. Like this guy should had done;
    The size guide recommended I buy the Bathmate X20 but after 8 months I’ve maxed it out as I’m now 7.5 inches so I’ve had to buy the X30 now to grow more. I should have just bought the X30 in the beginning so guys just be careful because the max you can go with the X20 is 7.5 inches.
    The Bathmate X30 – The Bathmate X30 costs $159 and the maximum you can grow to with this one is 8.5 inches. This is the most popular pump that they sell and the one that most of you reading this will end up buying. The Bathmate X40 – The Bathmate X40 costs $199 and the maximum growth with this one is 10 inches. The Bathmate X50 – The Bathmate X50 will be released in August 2017. If the size guide on the official website tells you to get the X20 then you may want to consider getting the X30 instead if you plan on going past 7.5 inches. You can get you X-Series pump from

    The Bathmate Xtreme Series

    The Bathmate Xtreme series pumps have a little bit more pumping power and come with a hand nozzle to make pumping easier. If you have the money and want to make life a little bit easier then you should take a look at the Xtreme series as I’ve heard that the hand pump is very easy to use. But for me personally the X30 works great and I can do without the hand pump.

    The Bathmate Accessories

    The shower strap – The shower strap goes around your neck and around the pump so that the pump has some hands-free support. It’s handy if you plan to use it in the shower instead of the bath. It’s an extra $29.99 and is well worth it in my opinion. The extended warranty – The Bathmate comes with a 2 year warranty or you can pay an extra $49.99 to extend the warranty to 5 years. Personally, I didn’t buy the warranty. I think that the pump is very well made and if you look after it then I can see it lasting for 5 years without the need for an extended warranty. Capsule case – this is a little case to keep your Bathmate and accessories in. It says UltraMax on it and it costs $40. I recommend this because it’ll help keep all your stuff together and it will protect your pump from damage. Cleaning kit – Remember I said above that you need to keep your pump clean otherwise bacteria and grime will grow on it? Well the cleaning kit will help with this. It’s basically a sponge on a stick that makes it easier to clean your pump and it costs $40. I think that’s a bit expensive but it’s worth it so that you can keep your Bathmate clean and use it for years to come. Plus, a dirty pump could lead to some sort of infection. Pleasure lube – The lube costs $17 and to be honest I’m not totally sure what it’s for because you don’t need it for pumping but I guess it’s good for jelqing. X30 cushion rings – If you buy the X30 then I’d recommend paying the extra $16 for some comfort cushion rings. You secure them to the bottom of the pump and they make it much more comfortable to wear by adding another layer of cushioning. Max Out – The Max Out jelqing serum is something that I bought recently and couldn’t believe how much it improved my jelqing sessions. Basically you squirt a little bit into your hands and it’s like lube but it sort of gives your  a slight pump and a tingly feeling. It makes jelqing a lot easier and I’m pretty sure it’ll help you get results quicker. It costs $49.99 and I’d recommend giving it a try. It should last a while too. So those are the Bathmate accessories. Of them all I’d recommend the shower strap, the case, the cleaning kit, the x30 cushions and possible the Max Out serum.


    In my spare time I like to work out and as such I take supplements. I believe that supplements can be very beneficial to  growth too. Here are some of the supplements that I take and recommend. Whey protein: Protein is needed for your body to grow. Since using the Bathmate and jelqing are forms of exercise I always take some whey protein after a session. Creatine: Does it really help when it comes to enlarging the ? Who knows, but I take some every day. Xtend recovery drink: This one is very important when it comes to both bodybuilding and growth because it’s full of amino acids that help your body to repair and grow. When you’re jelqing and pumping your essentially stretching and tearing the little microfibres inside the . A recovery drink like Xtend will help your body to repair these cells faster so they can repair and grow back bigger and stronger. I believe the Xtend recovery drink which is available on Amazon here will help you to get results fast with the Bathmate. Collagen: Type 2 collagen could just be the holy grail of supplements when it comes to  growth. A lot of the  is made up of collagen so by supplementing with it and exercising the  your body will start to synthesize more of that collagen into the  to formulate growth. Basically, when you exercise your  the cells and collagen with in it will stretch out and leave gaps so by supplementing with collagen the new collagen will then fill in those gaps which will cause your  to get larger. So yeah, collagen will help your  to fill out and grow faster. It’ll also make it stretchier and firmer. There are tons of type 2 collagen products for sale on Amazon. I recommend taking 1500mg in the morning and 1500mg with dinner. Fish oil: And lastly, I have no idea whether it’s beneficial for  growth but I take 5,000 mg of fish oil per day. It’s good for the skin and the joints. Oh yeah and I take a multivitamin too!

    The Bathmate Super Smoothie

    So now that you know the supplements that I use and recommend for  growth how about putting them all in a smoothie! In a blender put;
    • 1 scoop of whey protein.
    • 1 scoop of creatine.
    • 1 scoop of Xtend.
    • 1,500mg of type 2 collagen.
    • 2,500mg of fish oil.
    • A multivitamin.
    • Some ice.
    • Some fruit.
    • Either water or milk.
    Then blend it all up and you have yourself a nice little smoothie that will help to speed up your results and keep you in good health.

    Bathmate Permanent Gains Vs Temporary Gains


    Each time you use the Bathmate pump you’ll see a temporary size increase of about 0.5 inches in length and a slight increase in girth too. These results will usually last about 24 hours or less which make it perfect for those times when you know you’re going to have  or if you’re going for a night out and want to be ready for if you get lucky.


    If you stick to the system then eventually all those little gains will add up to a serious size increase that is essentially permanent. By using the Bathmate you are basically exercising your  so just like with bodybuilding every time you do a workout your body will repair itself and grow especially if you’re using supplements too and following a proper system.

    The Bathmate Hydro Pump Versus..

    There are some other options available in the world of  growth but in my opinion the Bathmate is the best. Here are some of your other options and how they compare; Extenders – Extenders basically stretch your  and they’re also proven to work. They’re better for length gains and a lot of guys are now combining extenders with the Bathmate pump as part of their routine. The best extender for sale at the moment is called the SizeGenetics extender which is available for sale here. Here’s what one guy has to say about extenders;
    My routine for the last year has been to wear the Sizegenetics for 7 hours per day and then before bed use the Bathmate for 15 minutes and then jelq for 5-10 minutes. My starting size was 6.1 inches now after 12 months I measure 7.9 inches! I was also very sceptical to begin with like a lot of guys but I can honestly say that this stuff really works. Joe
    The average user after 6 months of using an extender seems to gain between 1-3 inches so if I had to choose then I would go for the pump over the extender because I personally know it works but as you can see from Joe’s review they make a good combination. Pills: Over the last few months I’ve tried a few of the top-rated growth pills and none of them actually increased my size but there was a good one called Male Extra that I found gave me rock hard s after I started taking it. It’s available for sale here. Surgery: Well surgery kind of works but it’s expensive and it’s dangerous so my advice is to avoid it because it’s not necessary when you have stuff like the Bathmate and jelqing which are proven to work. The only benefit to surgery is that it works fast but it may also destroy your .

    Benefits of using the Bathmate X Series

    Here are some of the benefits I can think; Immediate results – The best thing about using this pump is that it works the very first time that you use it. After 15 minutes, you’ll take it off and be shocked at how much bigger you are. Of course, this is just a temporary gain and will go away after about 24 hours. Permanent results – If you follow my system and give it some time then you will make some serious gains that won’t just disappear after 24 hours. Right now I haven’t used the pump for over a month because I’m taking a break to see if my gains disappear and so far I’ve had no shrinkage. Increases length and girth – The problem with surgery is that they mainly increase only length whereas the Bathmate combined with jelqing equally increases both length and girth so your  ends up looking like a bigger version of what it was before and not weird looking. You can expect to gain between 1 to 3 in less than a year. My major worry was that pumping with the Bathmate was going to make my d*ck end up looking deformed or something but that never happened. I’ve gained 0.6 inches so far and everything looks normal. Get harder and last longer – Another couple of major benefits that you will likely notice is that your  gets harder and that you can last longer during . That’s because the pump pulls and stretches the pelvic floor muscles which strengthens them. Stronger pelvic floor muscles will give your more control over when you . Safe – Another good thing is that it if you don’t overdo it and pump too hard you will find the Bathmate very safe. Easy to use – It’s super easy to figure out how to use it and you should have no problem getting started. 60-day money back guarantee – According to the official website here they have a 60-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product. Get results fast – The thing I like most about it though is that it doesn’t take years to get results. If you follow a good routine like the one I shared then you can gain between 1-3 real inches in a year.

    Should You Buy A Bathmate Pump?

    I like that you can see it working the first time you use it and if you use it regularly you can make real gains. Whether you’re looking for a quick pump before a date or you actually want to make some permanent gains all I can say is you’ve got to give the Bathmate a try because it works. It’s going to take a while but it’ll be worth it in the end.

    The Bathmate Hydro Pump Summary and Quick Start Guide!

    So this Bathmate review has been quite long! Here’s a summary and quick start guide.. If you can just follow the system then you will see results! Warning: There’s scammers around! The only place to buy the REAL Bathmate is from the official website at Don’t forget to come back and share your Bathmate results!
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    3 years ago

    Hey Todde. You weren’t kidding when you said the Bathmate works fast. I tried it for the first time today and I look much bigger. I’m going to follow your routine. Thanks.

    Mr G
    Mr G
    3 years ago
    Reply to  SamP

    Did you follow the routine and get any results?

    3 years ago
    Reply to  Mr G

    Hi Mr G. Yes I followed the routine for 2 months and gained over half an inch. I stopped because I got really busy but I may start up again.

    3 years ago

    Great review. I’ll be getting mine soon. I’m also going to start using HGH. I wonder if that will help get results. Anyone else doing this combo?

    3 years ago
    Reply to  jquest

    I was thinking of doing this too but to be honest I don’t think it’s necessary and would just be a waste of money to use GH.

    3 years ago

    AMAZING review Todd! It took me a while but I read every word. Thanks very much. I am excited to get started with the Bathmate as I’ve seen so many positive reviews about it and before and after pics!

    3 years ago

    What is the maximum amount of time you should use the Bathmate for? I don’t want to injure myself or anything like that you know.

    Good review by the way.

    3 years ago

    What’s up guys? Do you think the bathmate will help me grow more than 1 inch in the next 6 months? I am 6 inches now and want to get to 7 before my birthday. Can I reach that goal?

    3 years ago
    Reply to  Todd Grosse

    Thanks Todd, that’s what I thought. I have read some reviews where guys have gained almost 3 inches but they used it for over a year I think! Any way thanks for the reply.

    3 years ago

    Has anyone here considered using the Bathmate with something like growth hormone?

    I’m thinking of using this pump, doing jelqs and taking some GH. Does this sound like a good combination to any of you? Anyone doing anything like this?

    3 years ago
    Reply to  Dibbs

    I use HGH and also do P.E stuff with an extender, jelqs and the bathmate and I’ve seen good gains of over an inch. I can’t say the HGH has helped though as it’s hard to tell.

    I would advise against it to start off with because I’m sure you can get bigger without it.

    3 years ago

    I haven’t seen any permanent gains yet but I have only been using it for a couple of weeks.

    I get huge every time I use it though and the effects last for at least a day!

    I’m very happy with the bathmate so far!

    3 years ago
    Reply to  Tom

    That’s good to hear Tom, I have one coming soon, can’t wait!

    I would like to use the bathmate to get bigger instantly and hopefully get bigger long term.

    :-) Jones
    :-) Jones
    3 years ago

    Can anyone recommend a good supplement for growth? i am using the collagen but anything else?

    Also does anyone here do any hanging with the Bathmate?

    3 years ago
    Reply to  :-) Jones

    Whey protein? Creatine? I don’t know man, I think collagen is good enough. I don’t think you need to worry about supplements too much.

    3 years ago
    Reply to  Swicker

    Yeah i think creatine is a good one but I don’t use supplements really and I’m getting bigger with the bathmate and jelqing so I think supps are overated tbh.

    3 years ago

    What is the jelqing device you mention in your system? I did not see a link anywhere. Thank you.

    3 years ago

    Is the Xtreme version much different to the normal version? I like the look of the hand pump but don’t know if it’s really worth the extra money. Any advice?

    3 years ago

    I got a red one!

    3 years ago

    Can the Bathmate be used out of the bath, like can you use it in the shower or even out of the bathroom. The base doesn’t need to be submerged does it?

    3 years ago

    I got one just after Christmas and am well impressed. I have started the routine and think I have gotten bigger already!

    3 years ago

    Great review, I ditched my old Bathmate pump I had for 4 year. I think it was the Hercules. It still worked but was just worn out. I began using it on and off a few years ago after reading about it on a blog somewhere and I also combined it with jelqing. I just measured myself and am over 7 inches. Years ago I was about 5 and a half. So yeah, just using it on and off I’ve gotten some nice results and would recommend! I’m going to get one of the new ones now as they look… Read more »

    2 years ago
    Reply to  Todd Grosse

    Thanks Todd, I got myself a new x series pump and they so much better than the old ones.

    3 years ago

    If I don’t use it every day can I still get results? I’m a bodybuilder and never work the same muscle group every day so I don’t see why I would use this every day.

    What do you think?

    2 years ago

    I am trying to gain at least half an inch. If I can do that then I’ll know it all works. I’ll be using the Bathmate, jelq device and maybe an extender.

    I’ll start off with the pump and jelqing first and see how it goes!

    2 years ago
    Reply to  GamerNick

    Hi Nick. that’s what I am doing too. So far so good because the Bathmate is working great.

    2 years ago

    This is motivating stuff. I’m trying to make some changes this year like to get in shape and use the the Bathmate. I hope it works.

    2 years ago

    Nice results man, I found your site searching Google. Reviews like this should be at the top!

    Helpful and entertaining. Now I am looking forward to getting me Bathmate even more 🙂

    2 years ago

    Do the cleaning materials and stuff come free?

    2 years ago
    Reply to  Bno

    Mine came with a cleaning kit.

    2 years ago
    Reply to  Bno

    I think you need to upgrade to the a bundle package to get that stuff. Might be worth it.

    2 years ago

    Hey tod love the review.just bought myself a hydromax extreme and been using it for 4 days you recommend as a newby to use it in flacid state for a couple of weeks before using it at 70% erection? Whats the best way for the best gains when starting? Thanks tod

    2 years ago

    I got my Bathmate and it works great. Really good product.

    2 years ago

    Great review. I’m going to follow your system for sure. If I can just gain 1 inch I will be happy!

    2 years ago

    I am using bathmate x30 since September 5.. I noticed some temporary gains but not permanent gains yet .. I wanna cure curved penis too.. Please suggest right routine or device.. Thanks

    1 year ago

    what is “jelqing” that is mentioned in the system? Is that another product or something you do?

    1 year ago

    So I’m currently sitting at right around the in between point in length for the X7 and X9 (around 6.8-7 inches depending around how hard I am) and in width (note width, not girth) am around 1.7 inches. My goal is to reach between 8.5 inches – 9 inches in length and 7+ in girth. Should I buy the x7, x7 wide boy or x9? I’m looking to spice up my relationship and take things to the next level and have people in awe at my size, sorry if that’s a little vain, i’ve just wanted a bigger dick for… Read more »

    1 year ago

    Hey Todd, I’m new to this whole thing and I was trying to find a link to your routine that helped everyone. But I couldn’t find it

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