Bathmate Goliath Review

The Bathmate Goliath is a good pump but I think there’s a better option.

It’s called the Bathmate X50 and it’s by the same makers.

UPDATE: The Goliath is no longer available for sale on the offical website. The replacement is the new and improved Bathmate X50 which you can read about here or buy from the official website

In this review I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this pump as well as give you a system you can follow to get maximum gains.

(Reviews) And don’t forget to read the Goliath reviews left here by other users.

What Is The Bathmate Goliath?

The Goliath is the largest water based  pump sold by

It was released in 2008 for guys who want to enlarge their  up to a maximum of 11 inches in length.

It’s basically a water based  pump that guys are using to increase the size of their  both temporarily and permanently.

The first time that you use the pump you will find that your  looks massive compared to before.

It will look longer and thicker but the effects will only last for about a day.

This is fine if you want to use it every now and then before .

You can also use it as part of a routine like this one to permanently increase the size of your .

To gain 1-3 inches will probably take around a year although it can take a lot less if you stick to a good system.

By the way you may also want to check out my full Bathmate review because I pretty much cover everything in that post.

Anyway when you use the Goliath and pump out the water from the pump this creates a vacuum that forces your  to expand within the tube.

You can think of this as exercise for your  because over time just like you can gain size on your arms when you do curls you can gain size on your  when you use a pump.

Another thing to remember is that the  is mostly made up of collagen and when you pump and stretch your  this causes the cells to divide and multiply and grow.

I believe that you can speed up the process by supplementing with type 2 collagen so when you use the pump and expand the  the new collagen fills in the gaps which will make your  grow faster.

So that’s pretty much how the Bathmate Goliath works.


Unfortunately, the Bathmate Goliath doesn’t come without its problems. Now don’t get me wrong I do believe it’s a great product and it does work but many users encounter these 2 problems;

The first major problem that some users are having with this pump is that the valve at the top starts to leak water and pressure after a while. Like this guy;

Every time I try to put the Goliath on the water leaks out the top after a few minutes so I have to keep reapplying it.

This is really annoying!

This seems to be a common problem.

The second major problem is that the comfort pads at the bottom of the pump are just glued on and a lot of guys find that the pads fall off after a while which leaves the hard plastic exposed.

When this happens, the pump is kind of useless and becomes painful to use.

The Solution!

The Bathmate Goliath was released in 2008 and after listening to their customers feedback they went back to the drawing board and came out with a new product called the Hydromax X-Series which was released in 2013.

The X-Series was a huge improvement and solved all the Bathmate Goliath problems.

You can read about the X-Series on the official website

For a start, they solved the pad problem by designing a removable insert at the bottom of the pump instead of a glued-on pad.

The new insert makes the pump more comfortable too.

And secondly the X-Series comes with a new and improved valve at the top that can be locked so there is no water leakage and you won’t need to keep reapplying it.

The new X-Series also has more pumping power too.

Oh yeah and the NEW X50 which is the upgraded version of the Goliath doesn’t cost that much more so my advice is to by the new and upgraded version with is a lot better.

UPDATE: I believe they are discontinuing sales of the Goliath so if you were considering buy it then just buy the X50 instead from the official store here as it’s much better.

Bathmate Goliath Reviews

It worked great until it broke. Get the X50 instead.

I decided to order the X50 now because my Goliaths pad fell off and it leaks. Before it broke it was working good and I was seeing some nice results with it. I think I’ve added about a quarter of an inch in length and it’s excellent for girth too.

But yeah, then it broke. I’ve been reading that the new version fixes those problems anyway so I’ll update when it gets here.

Update: My X50 arrived yesterday and it’s so much better than the Goliath! The pad at the bottom is removable and not stuck on and it doesn’t leak because you can seal the valve.

I can also feel the extra power which means you don’t need to pump as hard.

With the new X50 I can see them getting rid of the Goliath soon. Anyway, now I can get back to pumping!


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    The System

    If you just want to get a quick size increase for when you know you’re going to have  then you can just use the Goliath right out of the box and get some nice results with it but if you’d like to make some permanent gains then give this system a try;

    Thanks for sharing your system Todd. I used the new Bathmate X50 and the jelq device and I’ve gone from 7.1 inches to 8.2 in just 3 months!

    Should You Buy The Bathmate Goliath Or Not?

    Right now, the Goliath appears to be out of stock and I’ve heard that it’s being discontinued to make way for the X50 so my advice would be to just buy the X50 instead because it’s the upgraded version.

    Apart from that I would say that the Bathmate Goliath is a great pump and even though it has some design flaws it can still help you to increase your length and girth by a substantial amount but is it worth taking the risk and buying something that is known to break easily.

    I think it makes more sense to pay the little bit extra for the X50 though.

    If you have any questions then feel free to leave a comment below and if you’d like to learn more then read my full Bathmate review here.

    Update: The Bathmate Goliath is being discontinued to make way for the Bathmate X50 hereLINK which you can buy at

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    3 years ago

    Yeah you are right, I would rec the Bathmate X50 over the Goliath right now. Or maybe even the X40.

    I am not even sure if it’s poss to buy the Goliath right now is it? I think it’s being discontinued.

    3 years ago

    The Goliath is a big pump! Just what I was looking for.

    3 years ago
    Reply to  Timer

    I would go with the X40 if I were you. It’s a bit more expensive but well worth the little bit extra.

    3 years ago

    There’s so many pumps to choose from! I am 7 inches and want to get bigger. Is this one for me?

    3 years ago

    My pad came off my Goliath ages ago, it’s still usable with the pad but it does leave a ring.

    I got the X40 recently and it’s much better and more comfy.

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